For over 50 years Cococare has been producing quality Health and Beauty Aid products that are consistent with the needs of our customers.  Our first ever product was the Cocoa Butter Soap, which was packaged in a yellow and brown counter display. To this day, yellow and brown continue to not only be the main colors of the brand, but are also still the colors on our cocoa butter products.

We incorporate natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, vitamin e, coconut oil, argan oil and shea butter into our range of products.  Over the years our offering has expanded to include 100% oils, lip balms and hair care products.  Our diverse line of products have been well received which is evidenced by our growth both in the United States and internationally.  We are confident that once you have tried our products you will become a loyal and valued customer.

Read below for detailed history of Cococare

The history of Cococare began in 1969, when the founders realized that many pregnant women were using cocoa butter to help lessen the appearance of stretch marks. At the time, cocoa butter was only being sold by one major company and they only shipped through mail order. It then became apparent to the founders that there was an opportunity to expand access to cocoa butter by selling it to retail stores.

This is when Cococare decided to establish and incorporate our first office in the basement of a building in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The creation of Cococare’s first product, Cocoa Butter Soap, was made and individually packaged to be sold at the checkout counter. The founders also went door to door selling to local stores in both New York and New Jersey, while personally delivering orders from the back of their car.

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