Green Roads

It was 2013…

Laura Fuentes had been working as a licensed compounding pharmacist for 25 years when a dear family friend named Arby Barroso came to her. Arby was struggling with health issues and believed that CBD held the answer, but he needed Laura’s help to turn his optimism into real products. Committed to helping her friend, Laura began formulating products after work and on the weekends.

When the pair saw CBD’s power to enhance Arby’s well-being, they became determined to bring its potential to more people. It became a personal mission. Laura left the stability of her career behind and they jumped into the uncharted waters of the CBD business. At the time, CBD was not the booming industry it is today. It was fraught with intense FDA and DEA scrutiny, banks who wouldn’t take their business, shippers who wouldn’t touch the product, and other challenges few other entrepreneurs have to face.

They persisted, spending their early days formulating products to help their own friends and family live their healthiest lives. The response to Laura’s products was incredible and the company grew.

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