There really is a true story about us. Argentine tango dancing in Buenos Aires with sore feet that ended up becoming Lumino Wellness. Ask me and I will happily tell it to you.

However, I have learned over this last decade that there are many other far more gripping stories from our customers. You have become my inspiration with your determination and courage in the face of heart-wrenching obstacles. Others more fortunate are also asking us how to become even more energetic and healthful.

The effects from a suspect food supply, deteriorating environmental conditions and stress are causing conditions that are increasingly difficult for health professionals to recognize.

Often the vectors for these conditions are microscopic parasitic organisms. Even after the organisms have disappeared, the conditions they cause may linger for months or years–skin rashes, fatigue, joint pain and swelling, depression, insomnia, and anxiety are just a few of the side effects they leave behind.

As many sufferers have discovered, there is no single magic bullet. Many conditions require a number of approaches. Often, one panel of the protocol calls for Diatomaceous Earth because of its ability to boost the immune system.

I’m in my seventies and pain free with great flexibility and strength, healthy shiny thick hair, glowing skin, and fingernails that aren’t too bad. For the last 11 yeast I have been taking Diatomaceous Earth or one of our support formulas daily. These are the only supplements I take, besides some vitamin D in the winter months. In addition, every day I drink three to five cups of medicinal mushroom tea or our in-house medicinal mushroom kombucha.

I personally answer many of the phone calls and emails we receive. I do this because I am grateful that you have placed your trust in us. It is more important talking with you than planning for the next budgeting cycle (also more rewarding).

The products we have may or may not be the ones that solve your difficulties. However, we are here to listen to you and hopefully buoy your spirits with free samples.

Don’t be shy. If you have questions or concerns, call or email us.

With loving kindness,

Barb Todd

Managing Partner

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