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Blunt Power Michelle’s Best


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Let’s say “Yes, we can” to the freshest scent in town with Michelle’s Best Blueberry Air Freshener!

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill air freshener—it’s a berry-inspired soiree in a spritz.

One spray and you’re suddenly in a lush blueberry field. Bursting with ripe blueberries, juicy red raspberries, and sweet apples in each spray, it’s a fruit party that will have your senses dancing the boogie. It’s almost as uplifting as a motivational speech from a certain influential Michelle we all know and love!

A word of advice: Regular use might lead to dreams of scrumptious blueberry pies and a newfound love for fruit salads. Don’t be alarmed; it’s just the power of Michelle’s Best weaving it’s magic.

So why settle for plain old ordinary when you can have a splash of extraordinary? With Michelle’s Best Blueberry Air Freshener, life’s not just a walk in the park—it’s a fruit-filled festival! It’s time to show bad odors the door and welcome in the berry goodness. Say “Yes, we can” to a fresh scent and “berry goodbye” to the unpleasant ones in no time!

Unique & Memorable Fragrances That Last

Sadly, most “Big Brand” air fresheners use mass produced water and alcohol-based sprays that disappear FAST.

Instead, we use a unique, oil-based formula that’s designed to hang around and fill any room. Just a few sprays will literally last for days.  As an added bonus, you can also use BluntPower inside your oil burner.

Never Get Caught Stankin’ Again!

Each travel-sized 1.5 oz bottle is highly concentrated. That makes it easy to:
  • Keep a few bottles at home to welcome your guests with signature aromas
  • Keep a bottle in your car to excite your passengers
  • Keep a few bottles around your work area for co-workers that like to gossip

… And never get caught stinkin’ again! Stay #BluntPowered

Made In The USA!


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