Cheong Kwan Jang Red Ginseng Tea 50 pack

Cheong Kwan Jang Red Ginseng Tea 50 pack


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Since 1899. Korean Red Ginseng. 6 years grown. Korean Red Ginseng Tea: the world’s best wellness tea made using the highest quality Korean red ginseng. This Korean Red Ginseng Tea, anyone can enjoy with ease. The raw materials for Korean Red Ginseng products are selected from ginseng cultivated with care in well-fertilized field for 6 years. Korean Red products are duly produced and manufactured under the rigid inspection system by Korea ginseng corporation with skilled processing technique. And Korean Red Ginseng Tea is produced from Korean Red Ginseng Roots for more convenient dose. Taste & flavor: sweetness: low, high. Bitter: low, high. Nutty: low, high.


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