Doctor Bombay Neem Oil 1 fl oz

Doctor Bombay Neem Oil 1 fl oz


Doctor Bombay Neem Oil 1 fl oz

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Doctor Bombay Neem Oil 1 fl oz

NEEM OIL has been used medicinally and cosmetically for hundreds of years. Its long-term use has made it one of the oldest medicines available today.

Used to treat a myriad of diseases and illnesses, Neem Oil is truly a product that has withstood the test of time.

Our Neem Oil is cold-pressed from whole Neem tree nuts (Axadica Indica). It has a very strong odor, dark color, and thick viscosity.


  1. Heals Cancer, Tumors, Growths, Fibroids
  2. Heals HIV/AIDS
  3. Heals all Viruses, Parasites, Fungus, Molds
  4. Heals serious Skin problems, including Leprosy, Psoriasis, Eczema, Scabies, Head Lice
  5. Heals infection
  6. Detoxifies & Rejuvenates Immune System
  7. Useful in healing Diabetes & Pancreatic Condition
  8. Heals Arthritis, Osteo-Arthritis, and Joint Pain
  9. Heals Neuropathy and regenerates Nerves
  10. Blood cleanser and Liver cleanser
  11. Regenerative effects on the Liver
  12. Smooth flow of Liver Energy
  13. Heals Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinusitis
  14. Anti-Viral, Septic, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial
  15. Spermicidal & Birth Control
  16. And Much More

Neem Oil is exceptionally rich and contains a heavy odor. It will need to be diluted accordingly before adding it to your products and sometimes heated to turn it into a pourable liquid.

We recommend experimenting in small batches with this oil so that the odor does not adversely alter your final product.

  1. ATHLETE’S FOOT: Add a few drops to a foot soak, foot powder, or anti-fungal salve recipe.
  2. DANDRUFF & HEAD LICE: Massage with Olive or other carrier oil into the hair and scalp. Leave in for one hour, and then shampoo out.
  3. SALVES: Add a few drops to your healing salve.
  4. SOAPS: Use with your base oils.
  5. HAND SOAP: Add to liquid hand soap for anti-bacterial properties.
  6. GARDEN PESTICIDE: Mix with Castille Soap and water, spray onto infested plants as needed. The spray will suffocate soft-bodied insects and will repel other insects.
  7. ACNE: Mix a small amount into your facial clay and apply to problem spots.
  8. BATHING: Mix a few drops with the bath water.
  9. BUG REPELLENT: Use in lotion to deter bugs and mosquitoes.

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Doctor Bombay Products

Doctor Bombay is a Healer, who was born in India. His ancestry has blessed him to work with Fruits, Dates, Herbs, Oils and Touch to make Human Beings "WHOLE".
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