Double Wood Magnesium Glycinate 400 mg 180 caps

Double Wood Magnesium Glycinate 400 mg 180 caps


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Magnesium is an essential mineral and is one of the most commonly found electrolytes in the body. While many foods are rich in magnesium, deficiencies are very common in the western diet. Magnesium Glycinate (Biglycinate) is a form of magnesium consisting of elemental magnesium bound to glycine molecules. This form therefore provides the benefits of elemental magnesium and glycine. As glycine is known as a relaxing amino acid and is often supplemented for sleep support this makes Magnesium Glycinate the most effective type of magnesium for supporting sleep quality. Recommended Dosage: As a supplement for sleep support, we recommend taking 1-2 capsules (400 – 800 mg) of Magnesium Glycinate in the evening about an hour before bed with or without food. While higher doses can be taken safely we don’t recommend exceeding 4 capsules per day. Magnesium Glycinate consists of 15% elemental magnesium by weight, so each 400 mg capsule contains 60 mg of elemental magnesium.


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