Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray 8 oz

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray 8 oz


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Fresh Wave Lemon Odor Eliminator Spray & Air Freshener is an all-natural product made of citrus/pine resin and water that removes odors from furniture, fabrics, and trash. It does not contain any artificial chemicals or fragrances. The plant-oil molecules in its formula attract oppositely charged odor molecules, bond with them, and neutralize them. The product also has a woodsy smell that is fresh and neutral. While it is effective for temporary smells, it cannot fully eliminate imbedded odor, such as cigarette odor from a car. If used on shoes, it will only mask the odor, and one should use an antibacterial spray for shoes. The product may not be effective for removing musty odors from leather jackets. One can use baking soda to absorb refrigerator odors rather than spraying inside. The product’s original scent is not appealing to some customers.


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