MediNatura T Relief Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream 3 oz

MediNatura T Relief Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream 3 oz


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what is it?

T-Relief Extra Strength Cream is the ultimate pain relief medicine for muscle, joint, back, and nerve issues. Experience “total relief” with this convenient solution that addresses even complex pain which comes from multiple sources simultaneously.

what does it do?

T-Relief = Total relief. It utilizes the power of arnica, a plant that has relieved pain for centuries, mixed with 12 potent additional plant-based pain relievers. The result? More natural pain relief for you. Our soothing cream also includes rich organic , organic coconut oil and organic aloe to give you a smooth hydrating benefit to your skin as you massage relief into your pain areas.

Plus, it’s an extraordinary natural medicine for nerve pain, sore backs, painful knees, joint pain, muscle soreness, neck pain, etc.

why is it the exceptional?

T-Relief = Total Relief. Our proprietary formula has 50% more of each powerful plant in regular T-Relief, making it a superb natural remedy for your aches and pains. There is no strong smell during your natural healing processes due to the absence of perfume. Manufactured in pharmaceutical-grade, FDA-inspected facilities adhering to strict purity, safety, and potency protocols, it ensures a reliable, high-quality painkiller product.

why will you love it?

Because it’s smooth and effective. T-Relief Extra Strength Cream is here to soften your pain away – in the smoothest way. Our smooth cream is not greasy, sticky, tingly, or stinky; it ensures all active ingredients are evenly spread.

Free of Dyes and Perfume. Paraben free. 100% plant-based active ingredients. World-class Facility. Like all MediNatura products, it comes with a full money back refund if you are not thrilled.


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