Zhou Nutrition Bloat Blast Plus 30 veg caps

Zhou Nutrition Bloat Blast Plus 30 veg caps


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Deflate & Regulate

Bloat Blast+ was created to give a one/two punch to gas and bloating, so you don’t have to undo your top button after dinner. A potent combination of enzymes, probiotics and botanicals also work together for digestion support that’ll help you work through even your most cruciferous or decadent meals.

Advanced Nutrient Absorption

Ensure you’re making the most of every meal’s nutritional profile with our full-spectrum 12 enzyme blend, formulated to help break down food and encourage nutrient absorption for everything from lactose to broccoli.

Happy, Healthy Gut

Bloat Blast+ helps optimize your gastrointestinal health with 1 billion CFU Bacillus Coagulans Probiotic for healthy microflora balance, and artichoke leaf and ginger root for additional support to keep things moving and grooving.


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