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    Baby Plant DHA 1.26 fl oz (37.5ml) Liquid


    Omega-3 DHA is an essential fatty acid your baby needs for healthy brain, eye and nervous system development, especially during the first years of life.† Our baby plant DHA liquid delivers 600mg of omega-3 DHA in triglyceride form.

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    Immune Balance Sinus Capsules


    Herbal Immune Balance Sinus is the only product in the Garden of Life line that is specifically designed to provide natural support for sinus health. The main active ingredient in this herbal formula is Wild Crafted Butterbur which has been validated in multiple human clinical studies. This is combined with a Herbal Immunity Support Blend of 8 wild–crafted herbs along with probiotics, enzymes and whole food vitamins and minerals and beta glucans.

    Herbal Immune Balance Sinus combines the ancient wisdom of traditionally used herbals with exciting emerging science surrounding whole food ingredients such as the fermented probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii, enzymes, citrus bioflavonoids and Vitamin Code® whole food vitamins and minerals.

    • Natural Support for Sinus Health
    • Clinically Studied Wild Crafted Butterbur Extract (PA Free)
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    Red Ginseng (HRG80™) Energy Chewable


    The HRG80 Ginseng Difference: Better Grown for Better Results 

    As one of the world’s oldest adaptogens, red ginseng has been recommended for centuries.

    Now, Red Ginseng Energy takes ginseng to the next level. It features HRG80 Red Ginseng that is specially grown using ultra-clean, pesticide free cultivation. This makes it safe, reliable, and boosts the plant’s levels of valuable compounds called noble ginsenosides to help you meet any challenge in stride. In fact, it delivers 7 times more rare, noble ginsenosides—the plant’s best-utilized form of the compound—so you feel energized and resilient all day long.

    Plus, we’ve combined this red ginseng with a special absorption—enhancing delivery system in a sweet-tasting (xylitol) chewable tablet for optimal benefits.

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